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The critically-acclaimed, live acrobatic and cabaret show with amazing performances and outrageous comedy.

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Show Description


Absinthe is the critically-acclaimed acro-cabaret variety show and has been hailed as “the most inventive and daring show to open on the strip in years!” (Las Vegas Sun). Absinthe features outrageous comedy and a cast of wild and outlandish acts performing amazing feats of strength, balance, danger and unfathomable flexibility within mere feet of the audience. The New York Times hails “You’re close enough to see the sweat and grimaces needed to produce graceful, gravity defying stunts,” and sums up the entire Absinthe experience as, “Imagine Cirque du Soleil as channeled through ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show.’”

Unassumingly located in the Roman Plaza just steps from the front entrance of Caesars Palace, Absinthe the show is just as entertaining as the drink is enchanting and both undoubtedly pack a delightful yet powerful punch.

The exterior of the humdrum tent that houses the exuberant performance is modestly decorated with just several strands of blinking lights. However, with your first step into the structure, you will find that you have stumbled into the whimsical realm of Spiegelworld -- a world apart from reality that relentlessly devours inhibition and dissolves time.

Stained glass mirrors and a mismatched collection of knickknacks hang from the kitschy artifact-adorned walls and an assortment of antique benches and chairs compose the seating for the theater in the round. Lacking refinement in the utmost of ways, the all-encompassing ambiance and experience of this adults-only, circus-style spectacular make Absinthe a rabbit hole you will be charmed to fall into.

Hosted by The Gazillionaire -- a slick-haired, unreserved and crass yet charismatic character -- Absinthe features an assortment of incredible specialty acts of old-world burlesque, daring feats of strength and agility in addition to not-so-common routines that, when combined, make for a variety show that one might only envision in their wildest dreams -- or after the green fairy has lured you into a liquid-induced trance of sorts.

Other acts featured include a chair balancing acrobatic act; tight-rope walkers; a sexy man and woman aerialist team; twin tap dancers; a three-man balancing troupe and various other artists who showcase incredible feats of strength and talent within mere feet of the crowd... so close to the crowd that one of the acts mandates that the front two rows of the audience remained seated for their safety and the safety of the performers.

However, if you're willing to brave the up-close action and snag a spot in the front, we can only hope that you're prepared to deal with what The Gazillionaire and Joy may have in store for you. Yes, you may be pulled up on stage for a lap dance contest or you may just be made fun of -- but hey, it's all fun and games and according to The Gazillionaire this is a show that gets even better the more you drink so that should soften any spotlight.

So go ahead and let this hilariously zany and outlandishly fun production temporarily whisk you away from reality.

Venue: Caesar's, Las Vegas

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BASE Entertainment

BASE Entertainment

BASE Entertainment is a live entertainment company that develops, produces, and presents live entertainment. BASE pursues a 360-degree approach in its consideration of entertainment property production and development: creative value, audience appeal, differentiation of product, assessment of market competition, anticipated show performance, commercial viability, and investment yield. With offices in New York, Las Vegas, Houston, and Singapore, the company also manages intellectual properties generated across various entertainment platforms including live, digital, broadcast, licensing, and museums. BASE regularly consults on entertainment properties and productions across the globe and has capabilities of managing entertainment venues worldwide. BASE Entertainment partners include Brian Becker, Scott Zeiger, and Clarity Partners. Co-founders Brian Becker and Scott Zeiger have more than 50 years combined experience in the live entertainment industry. Becker currently serves as CEO of BASE Entertainment, while Zeiger serves as board member and partner. Becker previously served as Chairman and CEO of Clear Channel Entertainment (CCE), the world’s leading producer and promoter of live entertainment events. Clarity Partners is a private equity firm focused on investments in media, communications, and business services.


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